Reel Creativity: Choreographer Video Reels

Choreographer video showreels

Need a comprehensive and succinct collection of your work? Want to update your video résumé showreel for a potential job? KSA Productions will create a medium that allows your portfolio of work to come across with clarity and excitement. You’ll enjoy the assurance that KSA Productions is committed to designing a showreel that represents your creativity, originality, and relevance.

[ rates and reel: package ]

The following outlines the KSA Productions Choreographer Showreel Package:

  • 3-5 minute montage
  • 5-10 complete numbers
  • 30 copies with a black & white label/cover
  • 3 edit review sessions

choreographer package = $650

[ upgrades and add-ons ]

The following outlines the KSA Productions upgrades and add-ons:

  • 50 copies with a color label/cover = $800
  • each additional edit session = $75 per
  • editing multiple angles = $100 per number