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KSA Productions is excited to be joining forces with in offering huge discounts to their members for custom showreel creation! Last month we were featured in their Dance Blast which offers news, tips and tools for today’s dancer. If you are a Answers4Dancers member, contact us today to take advantage of this amazing deal!

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Choreographer video showreels

Reel Creativity: Choreographer Video Reels

Need a comprehensive and succinct collection of your work? Want to update your video résumé showreel for a potential job? KSA Productions will create a medium that allows your portfolio of work to come across with clarity and excitement. You’ll enjoy the assurance that KSA Productions is committed to designing a showreel that represents your creativity, originality, and relevance. Read More

Dancer video showreels

Reel Expression: Dancer Video Reels

Need an up-to-date showreel that represents you at your best? What talents do you most want to showcase? What music inspires you? What colors define you? It’s about branding you! KSA Productions will address your every need in creating a professional and concise video résumé that you can submit with confidence to casting agents, directors and choreographers. Read More

Vocalist video showreels

Reel Inspiration: Vocalist Video Reels

Is there a role you’re meant to play? Is there a show you know you are perfect for? Whether you’re aspiration is Broadway, Sin City or the high seas on a luxury cruise liner, KSA Productions will work with you to create a video résumé showreel that accurately identifies your strengths… and sets you apart from the competition. Read More